The warrior cat of this week

Sorry because I wasn't posting but I'm back now!Anyway the warrior cat of this week is....SANDSTORM!

Sandstorm is a fast and very good hunter.She is Firestar's mate and their kits are Leafpool and Squirrelflight.When Firestar joined ThunderClan , she and Dustpelt teased him because he was a kittypet but Firestar savved her from falling in the gorge and she began to like him.


Warriors game

I found a great game about the Warrior Cats.It's called Warrior Cats Untold Tales.You can download it here: http://sandbox.yoyogames.com/games/163818-warriors--untold-tales/download  
Warriors Untold Tales is a game where you can be a warrior, a kittypet or a loner/rogue.If your a clan cat you fight against other clans and hunt and if your a rogue you can build a camp where you can recrute other rogues.

I'll take soon some screenshoots!


The Warrior Cat of the Week

The warrior cat of this week is....GRAYSTRIPE!

He is a brave warrior and is Firestar's best friend.He fell in love with Silverstream of RiverClan and she gave birth of his kits ,Feathertail and Stormfur but she died from loss of  blood.Graystripe is depressed beyond belief.When Whitestorm died , Firestar made him deputy but he's kidnapped by Twolegs.He finds Millie and they go back to the the Clans.She is her current mate and their kits are Blossomfall , Bumblestripe and Briarlight.


New book

I found a new book called Yellowfang's Secret.It will be the 5th book in the Super Editions series.I think it'll be released this year and I guess this book will be about how Yellowfang fell in love with Raggedstar and gave birth of Brokentail.I hope it'll be released soon!


The new warrior of the week

The warrior cat of this wek is...ASHFUR!

Yay!He is my favourite character.He loved Squirrelflight very much but she rejected him and this hurt him.Hollyleaf killed him and that's why I hate her so much.His sister is Ferncloud and he was Lionblaze's mentor.He isn't bad , his only fault was to love too much.


The new warrior of the week

The warrior of this week is....JAYFEATHER.

Jayfeather is the medicine cat of ThunderClan.He is blind but he can hear and smell very well.He can go in other's dreams and it was his destiny to become a medicine cat.His real parents are Leafpool and Crowfeather.


Warrior Cats

Yo can create your own warrior cats here:   http://www.dolldivine.com/animal-makers.php